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Monthly Report - June Event Review

On 9th June 2018, 16:00 Bangkok time, UniGame was invited to attend the opening ceremony of the World One Belt and One Road TV station in Thailand, agreement was signed with the TV station and ASEAN Digital Asset Exchange to achieve strategic cooperation.

World Cup is finally here, UniGame help you to pick the winner!

Welcome the grand opening of Russian World Cup 2018, UniGame blockchain sports prediction platform is officially launched on 11th June 2018. Enjoy the ultimate gaming experience on the World Cup.

The World Cup is here! So is the Future of Blockchain Sports Prediction

At the start of April 2018, UniGame established a strategic partnership with Macauslot, the first Asian sports prediction company specialising in soccer and basketball.

U.S. Court Decision To Support Legal Sports Betting

Opportunity awaits! American law and policy makers are working on frameworks to introduce and support the legalization of sports betting.

Sina Sports: 世界杯的哨聲即將開啟體育競猜區塊鏈的饕餮盛宴


CCN: Russia’s FIFA World Cup 2018 Welcomes Cryptocurrency

But if you are not in Russia to see the games live, you can keep up with all the action on UniGame’s new sports betting platform, an innovative secure peer-to-peer betting platform utilizing blockchain technology to provide a robust escrow and settlement service.

"GOBA One Belt and One Road Television Station" launched live on air, UniGame Welcomes the World Cup.

On 1 st May 2018 at 16:00 Bangkok - Thailand, "GOBA One Belt and One Road TV Station" was formally launched.

UniGame core team member gathers in Macau and looks to the future.

At the "World Blockchain Conference”, on 23rd of April, UniGame's core team member gathered in Macau to meet with UniGame co-founder Xue Manzi and conducted an in-depth exchanges on the progress of the current project.

UniGame welcomes the launch of "GOBA One Belt and One Road TV Station" on May 1.

The long awaited "GOBA One Belt and One Road TV Station" will be formally launched on May 1, 2018. The TV station has a total of 15 channels, including block chain channels, exciting non-stop professional mixed martial arts and boxing channels and lots more. UniGame, a block chain sports prediction platform that is a strategic partner of the “GOBA One Belt and One Road TV Station” and excited for the upcoming cooperation.

Over 50 international gaming and prediction platforms will use UniCoin (Token for UniGame) as the distribution token.

Currently, there are more than 50 industry renowned gaming platform and prediction application in the world that have expressed interest in using UNC as a general Token for circulation in their services.

UniGame and Macau Lottery Co., Ltd. establish a strategic cooperation relationship – A chapter in Blockchain Technology Innovation for 2018 Russia World Cup.

A few days ago, UniGame established a strategic partnership with Macau’s first legalized football and basketball lottery company, Macau Lottery Limited (www.macauslot.com). UniGame sports prediction platform will soon join hands with Macau Lottery Co., Ltd. to legally use blockchain technology innovations on 2018 World Cup in Russia, an industry first for blockchain sports prediction platform.

UniGame was invited to participate in the 2018 “Thousand City Hundred Chain” block chain technology salon, CEO Sean shared the innovation of block chain sports prediction platform.

At the Salon, Sean shared UniGame's industrial development philosophy, a large existing user base, top international IP partners, upstream and downstream partners in the global sport predication industry and years of professional experience.

CAIJING.COM.CN: Blockchain sports prediction game platform, how to benefit the industrial ecology and form value to a win-win situation?

UniGame has tasted exponential growth in 2018. Further developed blockchain + sports to a realization, enabling internal and external stakeholder in the industries to achieve a win-win situation.

UniGame's director Xiaohua Li was invited to attend the Sina Weibo Blockchain Lecture.

On 20th March, at Sina headquarters, blockchain sporting platform Unigame’s director Xiaohua Li was invited by Sina Weibo to explain in detail of blockchain usage in sport to the Sina Weibo financial department. In the lecture, Mr. Li shared the thoughts and actions of UniGame plan to embrace the blockchain technology.

UniGame has reached the strategic partnership with Global One Belt One Road (GOBA) TV station.

Global One Belt One Road TV network covers Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and South-Western China, with an audience of more than 50 million viewers.

Sports money: Let the fight begin, IBF announces cooperation with UniGame.

In the 2018 IBF series sport prediction competition, IBF will fully adopt UniGame's block chain sports prediction game platform. Through block chain technology, it will completely solve the common problems of the currently sports prediction industry, making the data trustworthy, accurate, verifiable, and avoids cheating or fraud.

Krypton 36: Incredibly high profit for popular unregulated lottery? UniGame: Blockchain-based Sports Prediction Game without Endorsement of Major IPs is nothing but Bluffing

According to the viewpoint of Mr. Linden Li of UniGame, it is necessary to equip with three major elements in order to rapidly develop in the market and they are the official authorization from major matches IPs, experienced team members in the gaming industry and the acquisition of licenses from government for compliance in different jurisdictions, respectively. UniGame allocated its largest portion of financial resources on acquiring various major IPs and which is the core competence of UniGame.

JinNiu.cn : Revolution and Opportunities of “Blockchain + Sports Prediction Game” in Sports Industry

Integrating sports Prediction Game with blockchain is one of the most practical applications which can generate substantial economic benefit to the sports industry. It is definitely going to be the largest business sector in the value-chain of sports industry.

JinSe.com: Successful Roadshow of UniGame in Macau for its Platform which Integrating Blockchain with Sports Prediction Game

Taking advantage of its huge resources, data transparency, data security and reliability, UniGame launched a unique Blockchain-based Sports Prediction Game Platform (www.unigame.com) which has generated influential impact in the industry.

ChainFor.com: UniGame Attend the Inauguration of first National Exchange of Digital Assets in Thailand (OAX)

On 19th January 2018, director of UniGame, Mr. Linden Li, was invited to attend ASEAN Blockchain Summit held at Royal Navy Convention Center of Thailand as guest speaker for Roundtable Forum. The inauguration ceremony of the first National Exchange of Digital Assets (OAX) in Thailand was conducted during the summit. UniGame committed to partnership with OAX and other major One-Belt-One-Road associates in aim to explore the huge market opportunities of merging digital assets into relevant industries.

JinSe.com: As Blockchain-based Sports Prediction Game Platform Provider, UniGame Invited World Champion Boxer to Attend Finwise Summit in Macau

On 13th January 2018, UniGame, a new blockchain-based sports Prediction Game platform provider (www.unigame.com), conducted its roadshow during the Finwise Summit for blockchain held in Macau. More than 3,000 guests, over 80 fintech leaders, 100 investment institutes and 70 media organizations attended the event and witnessed the roadshow of UniGame.

ChainFor.com: Exclusive Interview of UniGame – An In-depth Analysis of Blockchain-based Sports Prediction Game Platform

The market was deeply impressed by UniGame due to its years of experience in game-of-chance, lottery, AI and entertaining community. UniGame’s capability of integrating the complete value-chain of sports industry is clearly shown to be very unique and precious in the industry. UniGame showed its strong potential to be a market leader in the near future.

Sina Sports: The Roadshow of UniGame for its Blockchain-based Sports Prediction Game Platform will be conducted in Macau

on 13th January 2018, the roadshow of UniGame for its Blockchain-based Sports Prediction Game Platform will be conducted in Macau during Finwise Summit for blockchain. UniGame is going to explore more cooperation and development opportunities through the event by merging two hottest business, sports Prediction Game and blockchain, into a single platform. Undoubtedly, the chain reaction as a result is predicted to be explosive.