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Enjoy the sports, Enjoy the Game.

In the UniGame game platform, players can use UNC to participate in the prediction, including "European Cup, China League, NBA, Bingo" and other games. UniGame is promoting Asian traditional gaming platforms to support cryptocurrencies. UNC is not only UniGame's platform exclusive currency, it will also become a common cryptocurrency for the Asian gaming industry.

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Strategic Cooperation

The concept of UniGame is widely recognized by the industrial leaders in sports industry. As result, the right of the following matches are granted to UniGame.

IBF-Sanctioned Global Boxing Matches

Incorporated at US in 1983, IBF has showcased boxing legends Tyson, Holyfield, Klitschko and Hopkins. IBF hosts more than 100 world class boxing matches annually with more than 8 billion annual viewers.

Kunlun Fight

Kunlun Fight has conducted hundreds of Class-A and Class-B matches with over 200 registered boxers. Kunlun Fight is partnered with JSTV and CCTV-5 for live-broadcasting in China. Kunlun Fight matches consistently rank in the top 3 across China with more than 300 million annual viewers.

Glory of Heroes

Glory of Heroes (GOH) invites famous Chinese boxers and top 10 world-class boxers to participate on their matches, creating a globally-recognized boxing and MMA platform. GOH integrates numerous matches, superior match quality, entertainment, and new broadcasting technology into a single platform. As a result, GOH has rapidly become one of the top 3 largest boxing match providers in China and Top 10 globally.

Arm Wrestling

The Super Armwrestling League (SAL), a subsidiary of Chaolihai Sports, is a professional Wrist Alliance sports organization, which currently has the largest number of participating players, the largest Competition scale, and longest duration. Alliance members include professional referees, wrist force players, trainers, and event management teams.

UniGame is negotiation with 5 major soccer leagues, China League, CBA and other reputable international matches to provide sports game related products.

Academic Support
Recognition from Official Academy

China Lottery Research Center
of Beijing Normal University
The creation and rapid development of Blockchain leads to new challenges and opportunities. With the partner of China Lottery Research Centre of Beijing Normal University, UniGame decided to work together with different local governments, corporation and research centers on the research topic of “Blockchain + Gaming”.
The scope of research is going to cover: openness of blockchain, industry impact on its flatness characteristic, anti-fraud, anti-cheating, digital currency and anti-money laundry, digital currency and industrial standards, etc.

Road Map

Core Team

Sean Shek

-Bachelor of Computer Engineering

-Executive Master of Business Administration
University of Hong Kong

CEO of BG Global Gaming
20 years of management experience in gaming industry
Amos Shek

-Bachelor of Computer Engineering
University of Minnesota

-Executive Master of Business Administration
University of Lowa

Years of research experience in game development and operation, with a focus for South East Asia online gaming market

Investment Institutions

UniGame Official Progress Announcement (2018-05-26)
【Research & Development】
Progress of the three ongoing development is as follows:
Sports Prediction Platform:
UniGame's platform testing workload is over expectation thus resulting in delays in completing the test until next Tuesday (05-29).
UNC Cross Platform Payment:
UNC payment system testing will begin after the UniGame platform finishes testing.
UNC Wallet:
UNC Wallet has started the development of the transfer function this week.
【Official Website Optimization】
Official website has adjusted the information, text description and interface, preparing for the UniGame prediction platform next week.
UniGame team